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    Cargo and Delivery

    In case an order taken by SAMM related to a product is present in FARNELL’s stock prior to the weekly deadline (until each Friday 15.30), then SAMM declares that the delivery is to be made within 7 to 10 working days under normal circumstances (for United Kingdom). There might be delays in delivery due to shipment or customs.

    Your Orders exceeding 30 Euros are being delivered for free by Yurtiçi Kargo.

    We have an agreement with Yurtiçi Kargo. In case you request your delivery via a different cargo firm, then your cargo shall be sent as cash on delivery.

    Our invoices are being prepared as E-Archive Invoice and E-Invoice. These are going to be sent to your e-mail address specified in your Order. It is not attached to the cargo.

    As of now our cargo agreements are being qualified as standard delivery. Due to this reason it is not possible to intervene the delivery period of packages. However; if you send an e-mail to, it is possible to arrange a counterparty-payment delivery.

    In case your product is “damaged” or its package is “deformed”, then you need to submit the “Cargo Damage Record” to be created during the delivery together with the delivery person. Otherwise your “damage notification” for the product shall not be accepted. You need to control your product while accepting the delivery and you need to determine noticeable damages in the company of the delivery person; also you need to have the “Damage Record” prepared and return the product with the same cargo without accepting the delivery. When the cargo firm informs SAMM regarding the damages of the product, product return operations shall be started and “refund” process shall be realized.