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    Certain products such as resistors or cables are offered as packages or reels containing certain meters or quantities. These products could not be put up for sale with smaller quantities since it is not economical for packaging, and these would not be sold under a specified quantity.

    You could send an e-mail to for your future dated and large volume requests. You shall be informed regarding the assessment to be made by our team.

    a. We are receiving order by means of our website. You might create your order list by becoming a member or without being a member to our site.

    b. For your bulk purchase, price offer, pro forma requests please send an e-mail to, your shall be informed regarding your request after the assessment of our team.

    It is not possible to add/remove products to/from an approved Order. You might examine “Warranty and Return Conditions” Section to have detailed information.

    You might examine our products from their datasheets given in the site. We only accept orders over the internet. And we realize their delivery via cargo firms.

    In case you realize that you made a mistake after you've placed an order, then please call us from 444 17 26 (Internal 230 – 252)/ (0262) 677 16 80 within the same day. Since our online order processing system is working really effectively, it might not be possible to make a correction on your Order prior to delivery. However, the sooner you contact with us the greater chance we have to make a correction on your Order prior to the delivery.

    Invoice and cargo labels that belong to the created Order Lists are being prepared automatically. Due to this reason it is not possible to make changes on Order Lists.

    You might add as well as update your Invoice and Delivery information at the address section while you are completing your Order. If you want your invoice and delivery addresses are different from each other; then you are being asked about your invoice and delivery addresses at the second stage while forming your Order List. You could make changes on this page or you might add a new address./p>