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    a. You might search the product by writing the manufacturer’s code, description or order number.

    b. You might apply filtering with product features. It is sufficient to enter the product features with the product desired into the search box. For example, if you are looking for a capacitor having a capacity of 100 pF, then write down “100 pF capacitor” and click on “Search” button. All products matching your criteria shall be shown. To narrow down your search you might select other features as well. Some products have their datasheets. You might control whether or not it is suitable for your needs.

    c. You might also examine products from “All Categories” tab located on the top left.

    d. You might send an e-mail to to have support regarding technical product information.

    Alternative products express a similar product from the point of view of form, compatibility and functions. You need to send and e-mail to have detailed information regarding this matter. This is going to be forwarded to technical team, and they would offer an alternative product. This might take 3 to 5 work days.

    Products are stocked in UK and USA. Products are imported in accordance with your order. We do not have these products in Turkey in stock.

    If you click on a product and enter into the product page, you shall have access to stock information, manufacturer firm, product code and order number information from the right hand side of the page.

    We shall get back to you regarding the product which is not available in stock.

    Price breakdowns are available gradually in orders. No extra discount is available on our site. You might form your order list regarding current prices given on our website.

    a. No, it is not possible; you might form your shopping list by using prices and stock information given on our site.

    b. If you send an e-mail to by indication your deadline, your request is examined by our team and you will be informed accordingly.

    Product is not containing materials restricted via RoHS legislation exceeding maximum concentration values.

    a. Does not contain SVHC (SVHC release date); Product does not contain any SVHC specified in SVHC release list exceeding maximum concentration values

    b. SVHC name; Product does not contain specified SVHC/SVHCs at levels exceeding maximum concentration values..